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11 Legal Marketing Trends for 2019

As an attorney, you have a million tasks to complete on a daily basis, from working your existing cases, to administrative duties, to handling initial consultations. Because of your busy schedule, the task of then marketing your law firm can feel daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be. If you can distill your to dos down to the essential trends driving successful marketing right now, you can ensure your efforts will drive the results you need to succeed in 2019.

Top Trends Driving Law Firm Marketing Strategy This Year

Standing out from the over 47,000 law firms established in the US, requires understanding what your target audience is doing, and meeting them there. Here’s what you should keep in mind when marketing your law firm:

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Top Legal Marketing Trends

  1. Since 58% of internet traffic was conducted on mobile devices in 2018, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  2. Nearly 43 million Americans own a smart speaker. Adapt your marketing strategies to link with smart speaker technology to reach a broader audience in a more conversational way.
  3. Your clients don’t only need help from 9 – 5. Be available 24/7. An attorney answering service can help you capture all leads, as opposed to just the ones that come in during business hours.
  4. Track your website data and use it to make decisions about where, when and how you should be marketing to viable leads.
  5. Did you know? 35% of callers to a law firm don’t actually get to speak to a person. Making sure they do is the best way to stand out. But you also need to make sure you are spending your time wisely; have your inbound calls pre-screened by trained representatives. A law firm call center can help you both stand out and save money.
  6. Optimize your web presence for local search. Search engines automatically filter a user’s results by location relevance, so this one is mission critical.
  7. Get content out there that is easy to read, trustworthy and valuable. Content is still king!
  8. 25% of users stop engaging if a website’s layout is unattractive. Make sure your website is informative, fast, and aesthetically pleasing.
  9. Make sure your website is accessible to clients of all kinds – including to those 1-in-4 Americans with a disability. Use things like detailed alt text to help more people learn about you online.
  10. Utilize demand generation platforms to maintain relationships with your clients – target existing relationships with sophisticated email-driven campaigns that help nurture long-term leads and word-of-mouth referrals.
  11. In 2018, marketers and attorneys agreed that client meetings and firm-hosted events are the two most effective strategies for developing new business. Face to face still works really well – as evidenced by the 85% of attorneys and 60% of legal marketers who have cited the importance of client-facing events.

Legal Marketing is Based on Relationship Building

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is build relationships with your law firm’s potential and existing clients. You can do this online and in person, and by being available to them 24/7 with attorney answering services and a relevant, up to date web presence.

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