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Alabama Answering Service

Call Answering Service in Alabama

Companies that have trouble managing their communications with their customers will often seek out an answering service in Alabama. Customer Contact Services, with more than 40 years of call center experience, provides a wide array of call center services to help these companies streamline their communications processes and never miss a call again.

Some types of businesses are more likely to become clients of an Alabama answering service than others. Professionals such as attorneys, doctors and dentists need to be reachable at all times, in case of an emergency situation. A call answering service is able to take these professionals’ calls 24 hours a day and forward urgent messages immediately.

An Alabama-based answering service that fits every need

But fully staffed, multiple-service call centers like the ones CCS operates does more than just answer calls and forward messages. Any competitive call centers in Alabama must have solutions for every type of client need. Some of our solutions include bilingual agents, live chat, appointment scheduling, emergency dispatch, order processing and many others.

One thing that we believe sets us apart from other Alabama answering services is our outstanding staff – not just our phone agents but all the way up the ladder to upper management. Everyone here is committed to solving problems for our clients and providing fast, efficient and most of all excellent service.

Many people think of a call center as just a support operation or a phone answering center. Our Alabama call center and answering service is much more than that. Our goal is to maintain a menu of top-level services that we can customize to our clients’ specific needs.

Looking for trusted and reliable call centers in Alabama?

We can help ensure that your calls are answered promptly, that your orders are processed correctly and that your customers are happy doing business with you.

To request more information about Customer Contact Services call answering solutions, request a free quote today.