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Case Studies

RE/MAX Associates - Cedar Rapids, IA


Challenge: Sales associates were spending a lot of time on non-sales generating activities such as scheduling and managing showings. In addition, receptionists were difficult to find for weekend coverage.

CCS Solution: An appointment scheduling phone number and instructions were implemented to unload the busy work to CCS. The front desk phone line at the agency was set-up to transfer to CCS after 3 rings if the office was busy or otherwise unable to get to the phone. CCS would then transfer the calls back to the agents' desks or cell phones.

I realized that my highest-performing agents were the ones that focused on staying in front of the customers and delegating administrative activities. With CCS, all of our agents are focused on customers, not busy work. - Steve Peterson, RE/MAX Associates

Cory Construction — Minneapolis, MN


Challenge: As the business grew and became busier, Cory Construction was missing a lot of important calls from customers. Not to mention that it was taking too long to respond to those callers who did leave voice mail messages. The company was losing potential business and struggling to keep up with clients.

CCS Solution: If the office line is not picked up after 4 rings, the call rolls over to CCS' answering service operators who take a message and deliver that message via iPhone. Now calls can be monitored even while in meetings or on a job site. In addition, CCS dispatches any emergency calls directly to the construction manager in the event that the owner can't be reached.

Now when I'm unavailable to answer my cellphone, CCS operators pick those calls up. Most of the time, callers don't even know that I'm using an answering service. the monthly cost of CCS's services is more than paid for by the construction jobs that I'm able to capture that I would have missed in the past. - Ben Godsave, Owner

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. — Maple Grove, MN


Challenge: Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. is a fast growing medical start-up company that needs to have the ability to rapidly adjust to market conditions. Staff can become stretched at times as the company works around-the-clock to bring their product to market. Many of their FDA trial sites are in different countries which can make it difficult to stay in touch with business partners and medical professionals.

CCS Solution: CCS now takes Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.'s calls after hours and on weekends. This has enabled the company to have better communication with trial sites and other customers in various parts of the world. In addition, CCS' answering service dispatches urgent and emergency calls to the cell phones of the appropriate people within the organization.

As the CEO of an emerging global medical device company, I need to be available to my customers virtually 24 hours a day. Sometimes these calls are extremely urgent. CCS prioritizes the calls for us, and I'm able to have vital calls forwarded to my cellphone, no matter what time of the day it is. - Eric Timko, President & CEO

Neaton & Puklich, PLLP- Chanhassen, MN


Challenge: One of the challenges for a busy and growing law firm is keeping up with the phone calls while in court or in client meetings. In particular, the attorneys in the Neaton & Puklich group were finding it was taking too long to respond to potential new clientele during the day when the callers went to voicemail. Not to mention the difficulty they were having in handling the after-hour critical or emergency calls.

CCS Solution: Neaton & Puklich, PLLP now have the capability to forward their phone lines to CCS whenever they will be unavailable while in court or in client meetings to ensure their callers hear a live voice instead of going to an office voicemail. CCS has custom scripting programmed, which allows their agents to quickly and efficiently gather the precise information needed for the Neaton & Puklich group to accurately follow-up with their clients. They are even able to customize different scripting for different times of the day so that the calls will always be handled appropriately.

Before using the services provided by CCS, we struggled to keep up with overflow calls when our staff was busy or when the calls came in after-hours. We were also concerned about having potential new clients experience an automated system. Now that CCS is answering our phone calls live, we are able to quickly sort through and prioritize our messages to make sure we are staying on top of critical cases and potential new clients. - Mic Puklich, Neaton & Puklich, PLLP