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Medical & Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals work hard to create a healthier and more fulfilling life for their patients and their communities. It’s unlikely that you got into the healthcare business because you yearned for long phone calls with insurance agents, or because you desired an intimate knowledge of the ever-changing healthcare law landscape. That is where a medical answering service can help.

While most medical offices make use of one or more administrative assistants, this in-office assistance is often not enough to handle the deluge of calls, faxes, and paperwork that comes with operating a healthcare business.

Extra hours spent on administrative tasks such as paperwork, phone calls, and other non-patient-centered duties can contribute to burnout in health care professionals, something that’s becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, as burnout becomes more common among physicians and other medical professionals, the risk of errors and lower patient satisfaction increases.

Therefore, many medical offices find themselves turning to a medical answering service not only to handle the excess of communications, but also to help to keep office costs down. Let us worry about fielding the calls; you concentrate on your patients and their health.

Our goal is to help take some of those non-patient-centered duties off your hands, decreasing the stress levels associated with the day-to-day tasks of running a thriving medical practice. When you use our medical answering service, you will be able to rest assured that your callers are in good hands and you’ll have the freedom to focus on more important tasks. Together, we can make sure that your practice is able to start putting patients first again while enjoying a reduction in administrative duties and your overall administrative costs.

Outsourcing to Medical Call Centers Saves Money

And it also means that doctors and other medical professionals can focus their attentions where it matters most: their patients.

Medical organizations of all sizes can benefit from medical answering services. And while there are many automated choices for answering services, medical emergencies require that all calls are answered with precision and accuracy 100% of the time.

Thus, a proper medical answering service can be provided only by real, trained human operators.

CCS hires only dedicated, professional answering service representatives that have years of experience in helping patients with their medical needs. Furthermore, because all of our employees are local residents — speaking in easy-to-understand Midwestern accents —  we know they themselves understand the intricacies of the American healthcare system.

Plus, we ensure that all of our employees are trained in all aspects of the HIPAA system, and that means they can offer fast, accurate answers to all of your customer’s questions.

Finally, instead of having to employ full-time, in-house receptionists, your healthcare facility can save money by using our 24-hour call answering operators because we only charge per minute of time we spend on the phone on your behalf.

Running a profitable medical practice is difficult today, and finding ways to cut costs while improving efficient operations is critical to increasing your practice revenue. Hiring full-time administrative staff to handle phone calls and other administrative tasks can be expensive. Not only will you pay an hourly rate for their services, but you will also pay for health insurance and other benefits, which can add up quickly for your practice. Many practices have tight budgets and cannot afford to hire in-house staff to take care of calls and other administrative duties. Outsourcing to a call answering servicegives you the ability to get the help you need without all the costs that come with hiring a full-time employee.

Since our American call center only uses professional, highly trained operators, your office will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your patients are getting the help they need when they call into your office. Meeting your patients’ needs is crucial if you are going to keep them coming back to your practice. We understand the importance of patient retention, and we will work with you to ensure your patients are taken care of and pleased with the service they receive so they continue to come back to your office for all of their medical needs.

Of course, we also understand that every medical office has a budget. We work with practices of all sizes, and we are happy to work within your budget. We provide our medical clients with customized call center solutions that are designed to meet not only their needs, but also their budget.

So What Do You Have to Gain from Using a Medical Answering and Call Service?

Is it really worth your time and money to outsource to a medical answering service? Beyond helping your practice save money, using a professional answering service also aids in customer retention. All of our customer service representatives are trained to handle the needs of patients and other callers who contact your office. Since we’re staffed 24 hours a day, patients can call in and talk to a live person whenever they need assistance, boosting patient satisfaction.

However, you may be surprised to find that we can offer our medical clients far more than just an answering service. We provide a wide selection of services that medical organizations often find useful. We can work with you to come up with a customized solution for your practice’s needs, helping your office cut costs, improve client retention, and boost overall revenue. Our goal is to come up with the solution that best meets your unique needs, and just a few of the exclusive services we have to offer you include:

We specialize not only in providing full-time medical answering service, but also in helping to handle call overflow and weekend support. Furthermore, we offer a variety of exclusive services that can be combined into customized call center answering solutions:

  • Emergency Services Dispatch – Our agents utilize scripts and forms that follow your specifications to ensure that each and every caller is properly handled. Furthermore, we offer recording services to make sure that all calls are documented for future recollection and review with PHI redaction if required.
  • Direct Pharmacy Contact, Authorization Services – Our professional agents can assist patients in authorization tasks by contacting doctor’s offices, pharmacists, and insurance agents to make sure that prescriptions are dispatched properly, and that they are documented accurately and correctly every time.
  • Membership Eligibility Verification – We collect and document all patient information in our overflow and after-hours services. This means that your agents can be more efficient which helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Hospice Care and Support – Using our advanced technology and communications system, along with our highly trained and compassionate agents, we are able to provide on-time, urgent care to your patients in their time of intense need. Furthermore, we provide accurate call reporting services regarding all aspects of the hospice process for future documentation needs.
  • Medical Triage Services – Our staff is available 365 days a year to provide competent and helpful triage services in a variety of languages. Our personnel provide call center support to both individual doctors and to hospitals by providing transparent, easy communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Seeking A Professional Medical Answering Service?

Are you looking for a call answering service that is skilled in handling medical calls? If so, it is essential to choose a call center that uses highly trained, experienced customer service representatives who can handle the needs of your callers in a warm, professional manner. You will also want to work with a center that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Work with Customer Contact Services, and you will be working with a company that is there for your needs every day of the year – no vacation days, no sick days, and no holidays. We’ve got you covered every day of the year.

With nearly 50 years of experience, Customer Contact Services takes pride in being a seamless extension of your practice’s culture and processes, and we will help your office achieve better quality and productivity while lowering costs.

We offer customized pricing based upon your practice’s call handling procedures, call volumes, and any additional services needed. To learn more about medical answering services and how Customer Contact Services can work together with your medical office to improve efficiency and lower overhead, request a quote online or give us a call today at 888-832-5397.