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Real Estate Call Center Services


Live Answering Services for Real Estate Agencies

When you hire a real estate call center, lead generation become easier than ever. Real estate agents’ time is very valuable. They often must put a priority on serving existing customers and closing sales. A less demanding task, such as scheduling and managing showings, should be given to someone else.

Trusting inbound calls and lead generation to a professional call center provides you with more time to cultivate existing prospects and close deals – and maybe take the occasional vacation or two.

The same sort of problem occurs for any other professional in the real estate industry, from appraisers to inspectors. The bottom line is that calls are vital to success but are often routine and time-consuming. That’s where a real estate answering service comes in:

  • Answer calls more cost-efficiently
  • Focus new hires on those that build business, not simply answer calls
  • Focus on activities, such as open houses, networking, and showings, that really pay off


How Does a Real Estate Call Service Work?

  1. You market your real estate service using a phone number attached to the ad creative, whether that’s on Facebook, Google, a real estate website or even through direct mail.
  2. The prospect calls the number.
  3. A real estate call service answers the phone.
  4. The lead and the customer care specialist discuss your services, with the specialist providing answers to questions and promoting your service.
  5. The call center passes on warm leads, those who are actually interested in setting up an appointment, and get the passive people off the phone, so you don’t have to deal with them.
  6. By the time you pick up the phone, the lead is ready to schedule an appointment.

Presto, you now have a reliable source of leads without having to spend hours on the phone, cold call for days, or hire a receptionist to handle the extra workload.


Real Estate Agency Case Study

Read our case study of RE/MAX Associates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – just one real estate client for whom our answering services proved to be a boon. This real estate office managed to transform its business model from one where the best agents were fielding a lot of ultimately pointless phone calls to one where those agents were in front of real buyers and sellers ready to move forward.

The takeaway? The office ended up being way more profitable, all without having to spend untold hours on the phone or hire people to answer phones all weekend long. Instead, our real estate call center took care of everything, from answering the calls to scheduling and managing the appointments. All the brokers had to do was show up and sell – and they did.


Ready to Learn More?

At Customer Contact Services, we’ve long had a special focus on assisting Realtors and other real estate professionals find a cost-effective solution to their outbound and inbound communication needs. Our live receptionists, well-versed in the field of real estate, can answer callers’ questions, take detailed messages, and schedule showings. This leaves you free to handle your existing clients and build your business much more quickly and reliably.

We can be anything from your full-time, 24-hour call center to the recipient of your after-hour calls. Whatever your needs, we can craft a solution for your real estate business that will save money, manage leads and improve client retention.

To learn more about how Customer Contact Services and our real estate answering receptionists can help you, call 888-832-5397 or contact us online.