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Having 24 7 answering services greatly benefits most businesses, especially those that frequently receive calls from customers outside of business hours. These customers primarily include those with questions during the weekends and evenings, when many businesses are typically closed. In today’s global economy, it’s also increasingly important to support customers in different time zones. Regardless of their reason for calling after business hours, customers that can’t reach a live person may move on to a competitor.

Few companies can afford to staff their own answering services 24 7, especially small businesses. In-house receptionists must be paid their salary, whether they’re on the phone or not. This practice can be a particularly poor use of resources for after-hours support, when a receptionist can sit by the phone for an entire shift without getting a call. On the other hand, failing to have an answering service at all can eventually result in the loss of current and prospective customers.

Customer Contact Services (CCS) provides the following answering services:

24 Hour Message Taking Service

A messaging service is most useful for businesses with customers who have complex requests. A business can’t meet the needs of these customers by simply sending them to an interactive voice response (IVR) system. An IVR system may work fine when a customer has a common question, but it can’t handle unique questions requiring specific responses. Furthermore, customers with these types of questions are likely to hang up in disgust upon hearing a recorded voice, which could cause you to lose that customer forever.

A messaging service requires call handlers to be particularly skilled and experienced, so their hourly rates are correspondingly higher. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective option, but it requires you to place your trust in the person who takes the call. It’s also important for the receptionist and caller to share the same native language, especially when discussing complex topics. For example, a USA answering service is best able to serve American customers.

24 Hour Order Taking Service

An order taking service can help businesses thrive. You may think that people who’ve made online purchases don’t require much personal interaction, but many of these customers still want to talk to a person. They may not trust an automated system to process their order correctly, or they may want a live operator to better protect their personal information. Some customers may simply want to hear a friendly voice when placing their order.

Customers may also have a question and are unable to find the answer on the company’s website. They will need to speak to a company representative before making any decisions, so an operator is essential for gaining their business. It’s particularly important for the operator to know about the company’s products and to avoid alienating the customer in these cases.

Email Management Service

Email is becoming a more popular method of contacting businesses as the availability and reliability of internet connections increases. Common reasons for contacting a company via email include general inquiries and product support. However, a business’s customer-facing inbox can fill up quickly and overwhelm support staff.

A customizable email management service can reduce this burden by handling messages from a variety of sources, such as customers, clients and partners. This type of service should be highly customizable to ensure simple questions are quickly answered while forwarding more complex issues to the correct recipient. Logging is also an essential component of an email management service, as it allows managers to analyze messages and generate reports. These capabilities allow a business to focus on its core competencies while ensuring its communications are being handled properly.

Live Chat Services

Today’s customers are increasingly likely to use multiple channels when communicating with businesses. Live chat is an excellent way to distinguish your company from your competitors since it isn’t in universal use yet. However, it’s a highly effective channel for maintaining answering services 24 7.

Live chat is particularly useful for engaging customers at their point of interest, which is critical for making a sale in most businesses. Live chat operators need to be trained more thoroughly than other types of virtual receptionists due to the wide scope of their duties. In addition to representing a company’s brand and answering questions about sales, live chat operators must also be able to handle questions in a variety of other areas. These topics include company policies, employment issues, website problems and general questions.

Dispatch Answering Services

Answering services should theoretically be able to answer any question that a caller could ever ask. In practice, however, no single person can handle every customer inquiry. In these cases, the answering service needs to transfer the call to the appropriate party. This capability lets you distribute the responsibility for answering calls among multiple departments, allowing each department to take only those calls that are within their specialty.

A dispatch answering service can connect customers with the department that’s best able to assist them. These agents must understand the company’s organization and quickly assess the customer’s needs to transfer the call in a seamless manner. Businesses that make emergency service calls will obtain the greatest benefit from dispatch call centers.

Contact CCS

Customer Contact Services offers after-hours and 24 7 answering services. We charge per minute of call time, which we believe is the most cost-effective method of providing these services. We are a USA answering service that only employs U.S.-based call handlers with standard Midwestern accents, which is the easiest to understand for most Americans. We specialize in custom solutions that will improve your customer retention and save your business money. Contact us online or call us at 888-832-5397 to find out more about how we can help you.


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