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24-Hour Answering Services


Boost Your Business with a 24 Hour Answering Service

We at CCS, know how important it is to support customers across all time zones. Customers can be demanding and expect to reach a live person, quickly, that can help them with their inquiries.

We understand the challenges businesses have staffing 24x7x365. With nearly 50 years of business experience specializing in 24 hour answering service support, we optimize your ability to maximize your time and financial investment.


24 Hour Message & Order Taking Service

Even if you offer online order taking service, some consumers prefer a live person to take their order.  There are excellent reasons why our 24 hour order taking service delights customers:

  • Automated systems lack reliability and intuitiveness
    • Automated systems can be counterproductive and frustrating to navigate if not designed and implemented properly.
  • Technology can feel impersonal
    • Customers may simply want to hear a friendly voice and be reassured during the ordering process.
  • CCS order taking service is secure
    • Customers want to ensure their personal information is protected. CCS is 100% secure and compliant.
  • Live order taking personnel can answer questions
    • A live person may have more information available than an automated system or company website.

Email Management Service

A value-add omnichannel solution we offer is email management. Email response service is a great add-on to our 24 hour answering service.  Our e-mail solutions range from real-time monitoring of your inbound/outbound mailboxes to afterhours/overflow support. Our team is able to handle thousands of emails daily. We will work with you on creating your desired response/action for your customers, resulting in a superior interaction for your clients.

A few examples of email topics we support include:

Customer Inquiries
Customer Complaints
Customer Escalation Requests
Customer Status Notifications
Sales Inquiries
General Q&A
Live chat services

Offering Customers Online Chat Services

Over the past decade, Chat has become an increasingly popular channel of interaction in wide array of industries. Customers are wanting more and more access to companies via Chat, regardless of direct access to a “live” operator. CCS - Customer Contact Services has the ability to integrate seamlessly into your existing Chat platform or partner with you on delivering a solution for your business needs.

Many customer benefits include:

  • Cost Benefit (ability to manage multiple chat sessions concurrently)
  • Sales Optimization
  • Instant Access to a Call Center Agent
  • Enhances the Customer Experience
  • Faster Resolution

Dispatch Answering Services

Our Dispatch Answering Service will follow your guidelines and seamlessly connect callers with your company, to ensure your customers are supported quickly. Our representatives are trained to understand your company's protocols. One of our core specialties is our ability to react to calls that are urgent in nature, to ensure a speedy resolution on behalf of your company.

Contact us online or call 888-832-5397 to discover how we can help your business.