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Basic Message/Order Taking


24 Hour Message/Order Taking Service

Our availability 24x7x365, combined with our expertise in order and message taking capabilities can help your business thrive.

Regardless of the situation, we ensure a live person answers, every time, to resolve general questions, deliver messages on your behalf or process orders, leading to revenue generation for your business.

Various reasons consumers prefer a live person include:

  • Reliability/Intuitiveness of an automated system. 
    • Automated systems can be counterproductive/frustrating to navigate if not designed and implemented properly.
  • Technology 
    • Comfort level speaking directly with a live person vs an automated phone system.
  • Security/Confidentiality
    • Concerns and want to better protect their personal information.  CCS is 100% secure and compliant.
  • Personal Touch
    • Customers may simply want to hear a friendly voice.
  • Q & A 
    • More information that customers may also have a question and are unable to find the answers on the automated system or website.


Contact us online or call 888-832-5397 to discover how we can help your business.