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Dispatch Answering Services

Efficiently Getting Dispatch Calls to the Right Place

In theory, answering services are supposed to be able to answer any question that a caller can possibly ask. In reality, many businesses are much too complicated for one person – or a few people – to be able to handle every request. If there is one person who can, it’s the CEO or owner, who probably shouldn’t spend time answering phone calls. This is where a dispatch answering service can help.

Instead of entrusting one person with all tasks, you need to spread call answering responsibilities among several departments, like a call center. It’s similar in principle to an assembly line – instead of having one person do the entire job, you split tasks among many departments, achieving higher quality and efficiency by letting each department exercise its own specialty.

A Dispatch Answering Service Is the All-Important Link

A dispatch call center service can provide the crucial link between callers and the individuals who can help them. The trained call professionals of Customer Contact Services know how to quickly assess what type of service the caller needs and get that caller to the appropriate department.

Our goal is to understand your organizational structure and create a seamless transition, all for a fraction of the costs involved in hiring and maintaining full-time employees.

Some of the businesses that utilize our 24-hour on-call dispatch call center services:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Towing Services
  • Snow Plowing

Need a Professional Dispatch Call Center Service?

We can be anything from your full-time, 24-hour dispatch call center service to the recipient of your overflow calls. Whatever your needs, we can craft a solution that will save you money and improve your customer retention.

To learn more about how Customer Contact Services call dispatch solutions can help you, call us today.