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Live Answering Service

24-Hour Live Answering Service for Your Business

You have no doubt called a company, ready to ask some important questions, only to be disappointed to hear a recording. Even the most sophisticated voicemail or automated messages are off-putting and take too long to get through. Estimates say that half of callers will hang up rather than speak to a machine.

A live answering service can be the key to gaining -- and retaining -- customers for your business. Whether they are ready to place an order or itching to complain, people are vulnerable when they call a company. It's always comforting to hear a friendly receptionist answer the telephone.

Live Answering Services at a Reasonable Cost

While every company recognizes that a live operator is ideal, few can shoulder the tremendous cost of staffing in-house live answering services 24/7. Customer Contact Services provides cost-effective, live call answering services.

Our U.S.-based receptionists can be your virtual answering service at a low charge per minute of call time spent on your behalf. Your customers will never know that they are talking to a remote operator, and we can answer calls to your business on a 24-hour / 7-days-a-week basis.

Looking for Professional Call Handling Services?

We can be anything from your full-time, 24-hour live answering service to the recipient of your overflow and after-hours phone calls. Whatever your needs, we can craft a solution that will save you money and improve your customer retention.

To learn more about how CCS live phone service solutions can help you, call 888-832-5397 or contact us online today.