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Questionnaires & Surveys

What Do Your Customers Really Think?

Find Out With CCS Surveys.

It’s difficult to improve your business if you’re not aware of the areas where there’s room for improvement. Unfortunately customers, employees and companies you do business with won’t usually tell you about these types of things directly without more than a little prompting.

Targeted surveys and questionnaires are an excellent way to obtain this critical information without any of the awkwardness or soft-pedaling that might stem from approaching people directly.

While this type of information gathering can be designed for either an online or live call format, a phone survey or questionnaire is more likely to produce accurate and complete data than an online option.

The nature of live, person-to-person interactions and their tendency to produce more meaningful, in-depth responses from participants is one reason for this. The additional control you have over how an interview is conducted and how questions are presented during the course of a call is another.

In either case, Customer Contact Services has you covered with professional yet affordable online and telephone solutions for collecting crucial information about:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product, service and business practice complaints
  • IT, help desk and technical support services
  • New products
  • Industry trends
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • And more

Our experienced, U.S.-based call center agents are highly trained and adept at eliciting thoughtful and complete responses from target audiences of all types.

To learn more about CCS and our survey and questionnaire services, call us toll free at 888.832.5397 or contact us online today.