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Any business or organization needs to handle incoming customer calls. Callers face two options when calling your business: they will remain loyal to your services or leave you for your competition. The choice lies in how their calls are fielded.

Many times, callers feel distressed and urgently need assistance. In other cases, they wish to purchase a new product or service. Even if customers call for general information such as hours of operation or directions, it is imperative to handle these calls appropriately. Any difficulty in receiving this information could send them to your competition.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

The solution is to hire a customer service call center. A large number of organizations will quickly find that the expense of hiring in-house receptionists to field calls comes at too high of a price.

In order to field every call and retain customers, it may be necessary to hire several receptionists. This equals more salaries and benefits packages. This is a burden few companies can carry.

These costs can be eliminated by paying a low flat fee per minute of calls received. Additionally, with CCS, your customers are guaranteed to reach an agent 24 hours a day.

It is imperative that call centers take calls in an intelligible and professional fashion, or else you risk losing business and negating the money saved in the first place. We all have horror stories of encounters with offshore call centers, whose call center agents could not understand or communicate with us, and in the end left a bitter feeling about the company we tried reaching.

It is also challenging to find quality staff that is available for a customer service call on weekends and after business hours — opportunities when many clients can be gained or lost.

Get started saving money today by contacting Customer Contact Services to learn how a call center can provide the business solutions you need.

Professional Customer Service Call Handling

For over 42 years, CCS has offered reasonably priced, professional customer service and call center solutions to a large assortment of organizations. Each of our customer service representatives is highly trained according to the exact needs of both large and small business needs. Since our service is staffed 24 hours a day, your customers can count on reaching a live person at any time of day or night.

Seeking a Professional Call Center to Field Your Customer Service Calls?

Whether you need a 24/7 virtual receptionist or someone to field, screen, and route phone calls, CCS can help. We will create a customized solution to cut costs and improve your client retention according to your needs.

Contact us online today or call 888-832-5397 to discover how CCS call center services can help your business.

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For several years, Children's Aid Society has relied on Customer Contact Services to provide call center services to our Family Outcome Centered Unification Services (FOCUS) clients. We are very pleased with the service and know that our client's needs are being met 24/7. We highly recommend these services to anyone looking for a reliable and courteous call center. Karla Lawrence, LPC
Birmingham, AL

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