Accurate Reporting for Customer Service Calls

Our clients gain valuable peace of mind from knowing that no matter when a customer calls, an experienced U.S.-based CCS agent will be there to promptly answer the phone and provide the customer with whatever assistance he or she may need given the situation.

As an added value, CCS keeps track of important data, such as:

  • number of calls placed to each client,
  • time-to-answer,
  • length and nature of each call, and
  • other telltale call metrics.

We break these numbers down and then translate them into useable reports that our clients can access whenever — and wherever — they want.

This analytics reporting practice sets us apart from many of our own competitors. More importantly, it helps set our clients apart from theirs.

How does our analytics process work?

CCS uses proprietary software enhanced with custom ticketing systems and customized data management reporting platforms. We have also developed an easy-to-use client portal that account reps and management can access to view tickets, edit tickets, create new tickets, view summary reports or perform other key tasks more efficiently.

For real time calls, the built-in guidance these features provide effortlessly steers our agents through any number of complex call processes and scripts. This accomplishes two critical tasks:

  1. Ensures the accuracy of information we collect.
  2. Enables our agents to quickly and professionally process each customer’s call in the correct manner.

Together, this allows us to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute statistics that can be used to help evaluate call data and translate the story that data has to tell into useful business information.

Interested in the analytics we provide for our call centers? Learn more by contacting a Customer Contact Services representative online or by calling us toll-free at 888.832.5397.

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I have used CCS for several years and it was always nice to know that my phone was answered quickly and the operator was pleasant. They made it a priority to get in touch with me if they ever suspected a disgruntled customer which really helped me with my customer service level. Keller Williams Realty
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