How will an email management service help your business?

As more and more people gain access to reliable Internet connections, businesses are seeing increased traffic to their alternative contact channels. Most often, this means that customers are reaching out to businesses via email for reasons such as support, product inquiries, and even for marketing and media related communications. Unfortunately, email was not designed to be a tool for mass inbound communication, which means that customer-facing mailboxes can quickly fill up and support staff can become overwhelmed. Luckily, Customer Contact Services has a professional email management service that can fit the needs of most businesses, large or small.

Our customizable email management service can help to lighten the burden that your business may face by handling customer-facing overflow email, all customer and client email, and even internal e-mail communications. This means that your business can focus on your products and services while resting assured that all of your customers’ inquiries are being fielded, escalated when necessary, satisfied, and logged for future analysis and reporting.

Effective Email Reply Services

Our trained email reply specialists are able to route all incoming emails based on your prescribed methods, meaning that each type of message is sure to reach the best possible person for any situation:

  • Sales Inquiries are responded to with forms that are designed to ease the customer onboarding and sales processes. This means that data collection can be formalized and sales orders can be more easily and quickly acted upon by sales staff.
  • General Questions can be answered directly by our staff, set to auto respond with a brief message, or can be forwarded to specific departments within your organization based on other properties of the message itself.
  • Customer Complaints and Critical Notifications are handled directly by our support specialists unless you desire that they be offloaded to your staff. Critical notifications or messages are immediately forwarded to your first responder staff.

By utilizing in-depth training for all of our e-mail response agents, and by ensuring that our process is in sync with your workflow, Customer Contact Services is able to efficiently and cost-effectively field large and small volumes of e-mail for almost any type of business.

By streamlining the communications pipeline, and by ensuring that all customer communications reach the proper channels, CCS helps increase customer satisfaction while decreasing time (and money) that your staff expends on fielding emails.

If you’re looking for a team that excels in customer satisfaction and response quality, call Customer Contact Services today at 888-832-5397 to set up a consultation. Inquiries may also be sent via email. We are excited to answer all of your questions, and to help you better serve your customers.

Seeking a Professional Answering Service Provider?

CCS also performs dedicated telephone answering services. This means that we not only field, respond to, or forward customer and internal e-mail communications, but also that our dedicated and professional team of support technicians can answer voice calls as well.

With an integrated system that utilizes the latest support technologies, CCS can develop a customized, efficient, and cost-effective support solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Request a quote today for your call center needs.

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