Stay in Front of Your Customers with an Online Live Chat Service

Every business is looking for ways to separate themselves from their competition. Customers have come to expect to be able to use multiple channels of communication when interacting with companies, and live chat tops the list. Customer Contact Services is a leading live chat service center, offering a variety of plans to help keep you alongside of your customers all day, every day.

Consider Live Virtual Receptionists

Using a live virtual receptionist on your website can actually increase your conversion rates. When used correctly, live chat can do big things for your business, and at Customer Contact Services, we’re ready to help you take your customer support to the next level with a live chat answering service.

Not convinced? Here are a few statistics you’ll want to consider:

  • 38 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from companies that offer live chat service
  • 29 percent of consumers note that they’ve told colleagues or friends about a positive experience they’ve had with live chat support
  • A whopping 51 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase again from your company if you have live chat customer support available

Making use of a live virtual receptionist offers many benefits, and it can improve user experiences significantly. However, it’s essential that you choose a company that provides a quality chat option that’s responsive to customers and site visitors who need assistance or want more information. The wrong chat service can be worse than having none at all, while working with a company that offers high-quality live chat service can improve conversations and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Reasons to Engage Online Live Chat Services

Why should your business consider going with an online live chat answering service? Here are a few of the reasons to go with a quality live chat that operates 24 hours a day for your website:

  • Reason #1 – Keep Customers Satisfied– One of the most significant reasons you need live chat support is to make sure you’re satisfying your customers. Sometimes visitors have questions about how to use your website, and live chat makes it easy to answer questions and point visitors in the right direction. Most questions and concerns are easy to resolve on the spot, which saves time following up later. Having a live virtual assistant can also deal with clients who don’t want to wait for email or phone replies, ensuring they get the instant answers they want.
  • Reason #2 – Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line– You’re doing what you do best – focusing on your business. However, there is a good chance that customers are on your website right now who need help, and all they need is a little push to make a purchase. The ability to approach potential customers directly on your website is via live chat. It’s also easy to lose customers during checkout, but live chat allows you to help out these customers, guiding them through the process so you don’t miss out on revenue.
  • Reason #3 – Offer Efficient, Effective Customer Service– Once you begin using a live chat answering service, your company will immediately start reaping the benefits. You will be able to ensure that every customer receives efficient, effective customer service, and you’ll save money while making it possible to chat with multiple people at one time.

How Our Live Chat Service Works

When you use live chat support with Customer Contact Services, website visitors can easily click a button to ask questions and get the 24-hour support they need. In fact, it’s the fastest way to provide service to customers – it’s much quicker than making individuals hang on the phone or exchange emails. When you offer live chat, you are able to answer questions within seconds of a question being asked, which offers incredible customer service that current and prospective customers are sure to love.

Our live chat service is also extremely easy to use. It’s just as easy as writing an instant message or text. Potential customers will be able to reach you quickly and easily, so you don’t end up losing potential customers if they can’t find the answer they need on your website. In most cases, questions will be resolved by support agents on the spot.

This is an extremely handy tool that can quickly open up lines of communication and increase sales and customer involvement at the point of interest. All live chat receptionists are specifically coached on how to represent your brand. They’re trained to handle many issues other than sales, such as questions about:

  • Products and services
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Employment questions
  • Returning and exchanging items
  • Website usability and interface issues
  • General FAQs

Looking for Affordable Live Chat Services for Your Website? 

Worried about affording a live virtual receptionist for your company website? We can help. At Customer Contact Services, we offer affordable rates for our live chat services, with customized plans that make it easy to fit our services into your budget. Most companies actually find that paying for live chat actually pays off in the end. We’re able to help you avoid losing customers due to questions or confusion when they’re on your website or going through checkout, so choosing to go with our live chat answering service can actually help you save money and boost your bottom line.

Our goal is to work with your company to help you grow and expand by ensuring you’re able to provide the very best in customer service to your clients. Customer Contact Services is happy to work with you to come up with a customizable plan that’s affordable for your business.

Get Started With Live Chat 

Customer Contact Services is here around the clock to help you grow and expand through industry-leading online customer service. To learn more, call us at 888-832-5397. You can also reach us by e-mail any time.


In addition to our live website communication services, we offer 24-hour live call answering and live call handling.

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