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Outbound Call Center


Outbound Call Center Services

At Customer Contact Services, we build our call centers with highly skilled, courteous and top notch professionals.  Our representatives are trained in fostering and building on our customer interactions.  Using customizable scripting, our representatives can deliver the exact message you want delivered to your clients.  Our outbound call center model is designed and created based on criteria you define.


Outbound Call Centers

Outbound Call Center campaigns can be simple and a cost-effective method of directly engaging with your target audience.  When it comes to promoting your products and services or gathering customer feedback, outbound calling campaigns can be a powerful marketing tool.

Partnering with CCS positions you to avoid hiring your own internal resource(s). One of our specialties at is our ability to thrive in delivering effective outbound calls.  Our customers rely on us for year round and seasonal outbound campaigns.

With our in-house programming team, we create customized scripting, which our representatives are trained to use.  This provides your callers the specific communication you want delivered on your company’s behalf.

At CCS, we understand the importance of the customer experience, efficiency on our calls and achieving results.

With 100% of our team members based in the U.S., you can be confident, we will represent your business effectively on your behalf.

A few examples on how our customers use our Outbound Call Center services include:

  • Customer Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Appointment Setting/Appointment Reminders
  • Customer Satisfaction Call-Back/Resolution.
  • Lead Generation/Sales Opportunity Follow-up.
  • Healthcare Campaigns.
  • Find out more about the industries we support.


Contact us online or call 888-832-5397 to discover how we can help your business.