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Call Center Outsourcing

Every day businesses across the country turn to call centers as a viable solution for customer service, order processing and general switchboard duties. The operators at these call centers are usually the first line of interaction that the company has with its customers — and the first humans that customers talk to when they seek out the company to meet their needs or solve their problems.

These operators become the face of the business; they are integral in forming the customer’s first impression of the company.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

What is the first impression that your customers are getting about your business?

Nearly every business must provide superior service on the phone to gain and retain customers. The downside to providing great customer service? It can incur tremendous cost to staff highly trained receptionists.

Telemarketing outsourcing to a professional call center is the answer.

With an outsourced call center, you pay only per minute of call time used on your behalf instead of paying large salaries and benefits for qualified employees. Of course, in choosing among call centers, you want to ensure that your customers and peers will not call and be put off by a foreign accent they cannot understand.


The truth is that outsourcing call centers to foreign companies is a fad that is quickly fading away. Many a company has found that tremendous hidden costs come from losing customers who are alienated by the difficulties in making themselves understood and by the fact that such jobs are being shipped overseas.

This is not to say that operators in other countries aren't competent, but competence is only one component of a successful IT outsourcing services and call center operation. Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings. Some words and phrases have different meanings in different cultures, so when your customers say one thing, the operator could understand it to mean something entirely different from how it was intended.

Many of your customers may find it difficult to understand foreign accents, and this can present a tremendous cost for your company. Expensive mistakes and lost business because your customers go elsewhere can result in financial losses that your company cannot afford.

Competent handling of any call center function — from tech support to business process outsourcing (BPO)— requires mastery of English as it is spoken in the United States, and operators in India or other countries often make expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Outsourcing call centers to our call handlers provides a seamless link from callers to companies, and keeps jobs in the United States.

At Customer Contact Services, we employ Americans with easy-to-understand Midwestern accents. They’re all experienced professionals who devote their livelihood to expert quality customer service, in a wide variety of industries.

You can use our U.S.-based operators for any number of business call center functions:

Additionally, our specialized operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

U.S.-based operators are a smart choice when you are considering a call center for your company. Give your customers the best possible service and customer experience. Give them operators that they can understand and communicate with easily.


Zendesk published an infographic about foreign operators and outsourcing management. The results show that accents do indeed influence the customer experience:

  • A customer satisfaction index created from the results of a survey conducted by the CFI Group rated aspects of call center customer service experience:
    • Overall satisfaction
      • 79 percent – Call centers in the United States
      • 58 percent – Call centers outside of the United States
    • Ease of understanding
      • 85 percent – Call centers in the United States
      • 54 percent – Call centers outside of the United States
    • Overall satisfaction with the representative
      • 85 percent – Call centers in the United States
      • 54 percent – Call centers outside of the United States
    • Effectiveness in handling customer’s issue
      • 85 percent – Call centers in the United States
      • 54 percent – Call centers outside of the United States

Operators for call answering services must be able to communicate effectively with callers. If the callers cannot understand them, that creates a problem. The customer is less likely to trust the operator, and that translates to mistrust in the company as well.

Are you doing all you can to gain your customers’ trust?


There is no denying that when it comes to telemarketing outsourcing and customer service, the American call center is the best option for an American customer base.

We can be anything from your full-time, 24-hour answering service provider to the recipient of your overflow calls. Whatever your needs, we can craft an outsourced call center solution that will save you money and improve your customer retention.

To learn more about how outsourcing to Customer Contact Services outsource solutions can help you, call 888-832-5397 or contact us online today.