Our Live Call Center Services Save You Money

Nearly every business must provide superior service on the phone to gain and retain customers. The downside to providing great customer service? It can incur tremendous cost to staff highly trained receptionists.

Outsourcing customer calls to a professional call center is the answer.

With an outsourced call center, you pay only per minute of call time used on your behalf instead of paying large salaries and benefits for qualified employees. Of course, in choosing among call centers, you want to ensure that your customers and peers will not call and be put off by a foreign accent they cannot understand.

The truth is that outsourcing call centers to foreign companies is a fad that is quickly fading away. Many a company has found that tremendous hidden costs come from losing customers who are alienated by the difficulties in making themselves understood and by the fact that such jobs are being shipped overseas.

Outsource Your Call Center to Americans

Competent handling of any call center function — from tech support to business process outsourcing (BPO) — requires mastery of English as it is spoken in the United States, and operators in India or other countries often make expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Outsourcing call centers to our call handlers provides a seamless link from callers to companies, and keeps jobs in the United States.

At Customer Contact Services, we employ Americans with easy-to-understand Midwestern accents. They’re all experienced professionals who devote their livelihood to expert quality customer service, in a wide variety of industries.

You can use our U.S.-based operators for any number of business call center functions:

Additionally, our specialized operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Need an Outsourced Call Center Solution?

We can be anything from your full-time, 24-hour answering service provider to the recipient of your overflow calls. Whatever your needs, we can craft an outsourced call center solution that will save you money and improve your customer retention.

To learn more about how outsourcing to Customer Contact Services out source solutions can help you, call 888-832-5397 or contact us online today.

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