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The Top Legal Intake Resources That Can Save Your Firm Time and Money

According to one recent study, over one-third of potential clients who are actively seeking legal representation begin their search on the internet. This means that before a prospective client even thinks about asking a friend, family member or other loved one for a recommendation, he or she will probably turn to a search engine like Google to satisfy their curiosity. Once they discover a law firm’s website, they’re almost certainly going to pick up the phone and call — and for many firms, that’s where the problems with legal intake begin.

Another study revealed that about 42% of the time, the average law firm takes about three or more days to actually respond to a message from a potential new client. The problem is that most new clients aren’t going to wait that long — you’re almost certainly not the only firm they’re contacting on any particular day. This underscores the importance of a fast, efficient legal intake process and law firm answering services — the faster you can adequately track and return someone’s call, the faster you can turn them into a paying client and start generating income for your firm.

But thankfully, this is not necessarily as difficult as it may seem. There are a number of incredible legal intake and marketing resources that are available for you to take advantage of right away, all of which can save your firm both time AND money in the process.

The Power of Case Management Software

Never forget that a large part of the legal intake process involves not just making contact with clients and being sympathetic to their problems, but also collecting pertinent information to determine whether you’re speaking to a viable client to begin with. The problem is that about 26% of law firms don’t actually track their leads at all — meaning that they don’t actually have a way to accomplish the second part of that pivotal goal.

Legal intake resources include case management software.

Enter: case management software. This is a software-based resource that not only allows you to quickly compile all essential information about potential clients and their case during their initial call, but also to do so in a way that makes it easy to share that data with anyone else in your firm. So the next time that same person calls, they don’t have to repeat themselves or essentially “start all over again.” Instead, their case can keep right on going, regardless of who picks up the phone.

Leverage a Legal Intake Call Center

Another one of the best resources available to you today comes by way of a legal intake call center — something that operates quite a bit differently than you’re probably thinking.

A modern-day attorney answering service is NOT a cold, calculated, impersonal affair. In fact, your potential clients probably won’t even realize that they’re not talking to someone who works for your firm at all. By partnering with the right provider, you can find a company that is willing to learn as much about your business as possible. Train their agents the way YOU want them to be trained, allowing your law firm call center to always make the most of this critical first impression.

A law firm call center can help you keep up with potential clients and get more done.

Plus, these types of call center for attorneys are the best types of employees for your firm. They’re the ones who never have to sleep, don’t get sick or go on vacation, and who are literally available to pick up the phone around the clock. Even if a new client calls in the middle of the night, someone will be there to take down all essential contact information so that you can get back to them as soon as possible.

The Era of Automation Is Upon Us

Another incredible way that your firm can save both time and money during the intake process is also software-based, only this time it involves embracing the larger trend of automation wherever possible.

Parts of the legal intake process will always require that personal touch — but huge portions of it also involve relatively tedious, time-consuming tasks that can instead be offloaded to a computer system with essentially the same results. According to the experts at Law Technology Today, your firm can not only automate huge portions of the client intake process, but also document review, budgeting, time and expense entry, invoice submissions and more.

Automation can make the legal intake process more efficient.

Instead of requiring a human employee to arrange a time for a potential client to be interviewed and conduct conflict checks, you can have an application like Lexicata (just one example) do it for you. This frees up the valuable time of actual lawyers to focus on the tasks that really require them, all while significantly decreasing your firm’s overhead expenses at the exact same time.

Learn About Customer Contact Services

Headquartered Minneapolis, Minnesota with several offices located throughout the country, Customer Contact Services has been proud to offer our unique blend of forward-thinking solutions to businesses for nearly five decades. In the end, we’re more than just another 24/7/365 law firm call center — we’re the partner in both your current and future success that you need when you need it the most.

As a call center for attorneys, CCS ensures our agents are available to respond to your current and potential clients all day, every day, no exceptions. In addition to answering overflow calls, we can also help with online chat help, outbound call services and more — all in our effort to act as your critical front line in terms of providing the support your clients need, regardless of the situation they face.

If you’d like to find out more information about some of the best legal intake resources that can save your firm time and money or if you have any additional questions about our capacity to act as a legal intake call center that you’d like to discuss in a bit more detail, please don’t delay — contact Customer Contact Services today.


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