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The Top Nine Resources Every Law Firm Needs

If you had to make a list of some of the most critically important aspects of any law firm, the ability to communicate well with clients and prospective clients would undoubtedly be right at the top. Not only do attorneys need to be able to make the best possible impression in terms of their outward-facing relations with their clients, but their ability to communicate internally is also essential as well.

Rarely does a case involve only a single lawyer — more often than not, successful outcomes are the result of a team of people, all working in tandem and collaborating with one another. Thankfully, a number of resources have emerged in recent years that have helped make this all easier and more effective than ever before.

In order to increase efficiencies in internal and external communication, law firms can take advantage of the following nine resources, starting now:

Case Management Software

Even small law firms can’t afford to exist exclusively in a world of paper any longer. With the right case management software, you can access all of your firm’s data from any device on Earth with an active Internet connection. This means that attorneys can be just as productive sitting in court waiting for a judge to arrive as they can be in the comfort of their own office.

Attorneys using case management software.

A Full-Time Call Center

Many businesses experience seasonal fluctuations, and law firms are certainly no different. Sometimes you just get more calls than your employees can reasonably handle — there really is no getting around that. But when you partner with an attorney answering service, you have someone to answer those overflow calls to make sure all client needs are being met in a way that still allows you to focus your attention on those things that matter most.

However, you shouldn’t just pick any answering service. See what questions you should ask before making your choice.

A Compliant Cloud Provider

Similar to having the right type of case management software, moving your law firm into the cloud can help all of your attorneys remain productive on the go. A word of warning, however: Make sure you partner with a cloud provider that has actual, tangible experience in the legal profession in particular. If your cloud provider isn’t compliant in legal governance, risk management and compliance, guess what — your firm isn’t, either.

A Managed Services Provider

More and more, managed services are emerging as a way for tech-savvy law firms to remain that way with as little effort required as possible. A managed services provider can act as your full-time IT department in an outsourced capacity, allowing you access to the latest in modern technology WITHOUT the massive upfront capital investment.Live Virtual Receptionists

Clients can call at any time of day or night. If your firm isn’t available to answer the call, rest assured that they’re going to hang up and find someone who is. This, in essence, is why live virtual receptionists are so important — someone will always be available to answer your clients’ needs 24/7/365, thus making sure that the next big case winds up with your firm and not somebody else’s.

A call center for attorneys offers a cost-effective way to employ live virtual receptionists.

Social Media Accounts

The long-term success of your firm depends on a steady stream of new clients at all times. Social media has by far become one of the best ways to accomplish precisely that by allowing you to reach a massive audience in a short amount of time. Not only can you increase the number of opportunities people have to make contact, but you also get a chance to post helpful content on a regular basis and establish your firm as an authority, too.

Social media is a law firm marketing must!

The Right Marketing Partner

The legal profession is nothing if not competitive. Many firms probably do what you do — but nobody does it quite like how you do it. With the right law firm marketing partner, you’ll have someone who is able to play to the strengths that make you unique — showcasing why someone should care about your firm in their time of need over a competitor. From building your marketing plan to properly incorporating the other nine resources explored in this article, your partner can help provide you with the perspective you need to grow your client base.

Attorneys discuss their firm’s marketing strategy.

E-Signature Software

This, too, is another way to leverage technology to make your firm even more productive than it already is. Not only does e-signature software make it easy for your clients to sign documents (and for you to manage them), but these solutions can often be used on mobile devices AND are designed to meet your security standards, too.

A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

If your firm doesn’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you’re one wrong move away from seeing everything you’ve worked so hard to build come crumbling down around you. Not only will this help mitigate risk from data loss, hard drive failure and similar issues, but it can also provide an additional layer of protection against data breaches as well.

Does your law firm have a disaster recovery plan in place

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